Congratulations to all the ACU students who won awards at the 2013 Abilene ADDY competition. It was an extremely good year. The Gold Addy’s will automatically be sent on to the District level. Below is the list of students who won awards, along with the titles of their entries:

Sales Promotion – Packaging

  • Mallory Ming, Maze Meal Replacement Shake, Gold
  • Keith Jernigan, Gilmans Packaging, Best of Show & Gold
  • Mallory Ming, Maze Meal Replacement, Silver
  • Leeanna McGee, Apple Cider, Silver
Collateral Material – Stationery Package
  • Jordan Bell, Art&Design Thank You Card, Gold
Collateral Material – Brochure, Annual Report
  • Emily Pybus, Inforgraphic, Gold
Collateral Material – Poster
  • Evan Marks, Big Bend Travel Poster, Gold
  • Emily Pybus, How To, Gold
  • Emily Pybus, Beach House, Gold
  • David Singer, Tanlines, Bronze
  • Amy Castleberry, Cruise Vacation Statistics, Bronze
  • Leeanna McGee, How To Information Graphic, Bronze
  • Evan Marks, ACU Campus Concierge Roadside Service Poster, Bronze
  • Leanne Kawahigashi, Food Allergies Infographic, Silver
  • Jordan Bell, Personal Promotional, Silver & Best Typography
  • Evan Marks, ACU Campus Concierge Laundry Services Poster, Silver
Collateral Material – Publication Design, Editorial Spread or Feature
  • Evan Marks, ACU Viewbook “Favorite Things” Spread, Silver
Publication Design – Series
  • Kayla Calvert, Mountain Bike Magazine Spread, Silver
Out-Of-Home – Single
  • Kendall Lawrence, Lawrence_S07-ASingle, Gold
  • Leigh Foith, Foith_S07-ASingle, Bronze
Non-Traditional Advertising
  • Kelsie Pinckard, Chelsea Pattillo Info Graphic, Gold
  • Kelsie Pinckard, Kye Kye Album Design, Silver
Consumer or Trade Publication
  • Chelsey Tatum, How to Repair Your Broken Ninetendo, Silver
  • Leigh Foith, Foith_S09-A_FullPage, Silver
  • Chelsea Pattillo, Pattillo2_S09-A_FullPage, Silver
Elements of Advertising – Visual, Logo
  • Jordan Bell, Fette Sau Branding, Gold
Elements of Advertising – Visual Illustration
  • Evan Marks, ACU Traditions Tshirt, Gold
  • Katie Owsley, Empathy, Bronze
  • Keith Jernigan, ACU Sailing Club Tshirt, Bronze
  • Keith Jernigan, ACU Wildcats Tshirt, Silver
Elements of Advertising – Visual Illustration
  • Evan Marks, ACU Campus Concierge Services Poster Series, Bronze
Elements of Advertising – Photography, B&W
  • Kelsie Pinckard, Toby Vernay – Rolling Stone, Silver
Elements of Advertising – Photography, Digitally Enhanced
  • Leanne Kawahigashi, Anne-Marie, Bronze