It is imperative that you read every bulletin point below!
  • If you are holding a spot in a summer class that you do not intend to use, please go ahead and drop it or email me to drop it for you (some restrictions have been placed on students dropping summer classes).  We are trying to make sure that other students who are looking for classes can find what they need (campus wide, not just departmentally).
  • If you intended to drop a summer class but failed to actually do it and show up on the roster for the summer session and you do not take care of that drop/withdrawal by the first day of the class, you will have a WF (withdraw failed) on your transcript. There is no way to remove that off of your transcript once it is there.
  • If you are in an online class, you should receive an automated email about 2 weeks prior to your class starting.  This will give you info about Module Zero which will orient you to what is expected software wise etc.
  • Be proactive about getting your books and checking on what you need to begin classes. Have the begin and end dates firmly in your mind and on your calendars.
  • Do not underestimate what your online classes will involve.  You are going to need to manage and plan your time wisely in order to get readings and assignments done in a timely way.
  • The same applies to your face to face instruction summer courses.  These are intensive formats and will be demanding.  Allocate your time wisely.
  • If you are still looking for summer classes, check Banner every day.  Spots are opening up all the time.  There is a possibility that more classes will be added in the next week or so.  Keep checking.

I know the stress level is high with finals, papers, reviews etc.  Big deep breaths and  break things down into smaller units.  You can do this!  And if all else fails, come by my desk and get candy :)