Congratulations to all the award winners at The ADDY’s this year. ACU brought in 20 awards, including 8 gold ADDYs, 9 silver, and 2 bronze. In addition, Hilary Commer won the Judges’ Special Award with “Future of Forestry”. The Gold Addy’s and the Judges’ Special Award will automatically go on to compete at the district level.

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Special Judges Award

  • Hilary Commer – Future of Forestry

Sales Promotion

  • Anne-Marie Coffee: Student Silver ADDY – La Popular
  • Levi Huddleston: Student Silver ADDY – Cultura Coffee

Elements of Advertising: Visual

  • Hilary Commer: Student Gold ADDY – Silenced
  • Lauren Payne: Student Gold ADDY – Technicolor Bubble
  • Taylor McDaniel: Student Gold ADDY – Ron Swanson Portrait
  • Taylor McDaniel: Student Silver ADDY – Scratchboard Chickens
  • Ashley Smith: Student Silver ADDY – Viginitiphobia (The Fear of Rape)
  • Emily Teel: Student Silver ADDY – Street Performer
  • Lauren Payne: Student Silver ADDY – Carousel of Dreams
  • Alex Carruth: Student Bronze ADDY – Zemmiphobia

Collateral Materials: Poster

  • Hilary Commer: Student Gold ADDY – Future of Forestry
  • Marissa Jones: Student Gold ADDY – Thao and the Get Down Stay Down
  • Josh Fralick: Student Silver ADDY – Paradise Valley
  • Jonny Hill: Student Silver ADDY – Mat Kearney Poster Series
  • Sydney Ryan: Student Bronze ADDY – Ra Ra Riot

Collateral Materials: Publication Design

  • Hilary Commer: Student Gold ADDY – Southside Coffee
  • Jarred Schuetze: Student Gold ADDY – The Secret Garden Book Cover
  • Cierra Fitzgerald: Student Silver ADDY – Orient Book Cover

Collateral Materials: Stationery Package

  • Hannah Bruce: Student Gold ADDY – La Pop Bakery & Cafe