Mandatory Meeting @4:30 in Shore

Please set a calendar reminder for our Department Mandatory Meeting Oct. 17that 4:30.  Your attendance is required at this meeting.  We will meet in Shore Gallery.  Please rearrange your schedules to attend.  If you are not able to attend please send me an email explaining why so Mike can note that. Tuesday Lynay see if you can attend Wednesday Lynay. Your Art classes will dismiss in time for you to be there.

Thursday: Art & Design Department Chapel

Join us this Thursday at 11 in Room 141 to hear Graphic Design Junior, Monet Makil, speak as part of our theme Global Faith.

Instagram Competition

Our fourth IG competition of the semester is underway.  Take a picture of your work, hashtag it acuartanddesign

Faculty Exhibition in Shore Gallery

The faculty art exhibition in Shore will be open for viewing this Friday evening from 6-7:30. Otherwise make sure you drop in at the gallery during regular day hours.

Advising Workshops – Mandatory for Freshmen and New Students

Please select one day, Tuesday October 24th or Wednesday October 25th in 141 11-12 and plan to attend our advising workshop.  Tim and Lisa will be here with me and we will get you all prepped to actually register for classes.h

Halloween in the Hallway!

My excitement over halloween costumes borders on the ridiculous. But so be it.  Dress up!!!! Come by the art office for treats on Halloween and of course pics of you in your costume for our Instagram!

Springboard Elevator Pitch

This competition and all of the free resources provided by the Griggs Center are for students from EVERY MAJOR! We recognize and celebrate the fact that entrepreneurs come from many different fields and disciplines.

We hope students from your department will enter for a chance to win $1000 in 2 minutes or less and represent the Art & Design department.
An Elevator Pitch is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch and an instructional video can be found here.