Welcome Back A&D students (new & old)

I am so happy to have you on campus. As weird as this whole semester is we are all doing the best we can and we will be looking for ways to connect albeit different to other school years.

Department Chapel

Keep watching this space and we will be sending out information on department chapel in a few weeks.

Freshmen Portfolios

I will send out a call for portfolios in the next week or so. Freshmen you are invited to submit an electronic version or a traditional portfolio. We will award a few scholarships to the winners. This is not mandatory so if you do not want to participate, that is fine. I will send an email directly to all the freshmen with the instructions.

Sophomore Meeting

Sophomores, please please please come to a meeting on Tuesday, Sept.1 at 11:20, chapel time. I will only need you there for like 10 minutes. Meet in the outdoor area quad between DMC and Shore gallery.
Stop by my desk if you have any questions!