TOMORROW: Sophomore Meeting

Sophomores, please please please come to a meeting on Tuesday, Sept.1 at 11:20, chapel time. I will only need you there for like 10 minutes. Meet in the outdoor area quad between DMC and Shore gallery. Physically distance from each other and wear your mask, please.

TOMORROW: Freshmen Portfolio Competition

Freshmen you are invited to submit an electronic version or a traditional portfolio to the scholarship competition. You may bring it by my desk tomorrow. Please make sure you have your name on the portfolio or on your thumb drive. If you are submitting a web address just type out the link on a piece of paper. Judging will happen during this week and we will return your work to you by Friday or Monday at the latest. We will email the winners directly by the end of the week. This is not mandatory so if you do not want to participate, there is no pressure. 

THURSDAY: Department Chapel @11:20 (split between Shore Gallery, 143 and 141).

Join us to hear Daylon Franklin (Jr. Graphic Design) & Camille Wescott (Jr. Graphic Design) start our series this Thursday.

Over the past 6 months, our country has been strongly focused on the pandemic, racial justice, and law enforcement. A&D chapel has always tried to be about listening to those in our community. This semester we thought it would be impactful to spend time listening to students and alumni of color from the A&D community.

The series will explore two topics and the intersections between them.

The Communities We Come From: Chapel should be a place to share the beauty and complexity of the places we have come from. We should honor those communities with attention and storytelling. We should honor the members of our community by creating a space to tell those stories. Our prior communities travel with us and we will take this ACU community forward to wherever we go next. Honoring the communities we have come from will enrich us all as we move on from this place.

Racial Justice and Law Enforcement: As speakers explore the communities of their past we will ask that they share the stories, experiences, and relationships that helped mold their attitudes toward the topics that are so relevant to our current cultural climate, namely the justice system. It is often through storytelling that we come to know each other most deeply.

Jesus bore witness to the place and time he walked among us and he reacted with deep compassion and care. In our moments of worship this semester, we will bear witness to each other’s stories and try to walk as Jesus did with compassion and care for one another.

Keep watching this space and we will

Summer 2021 Study Abroad Interest Meeting (Leipzig)

Our first interest meeting for next Summer’s study abroad trip will be on Wednesday, Sept 9th at 11:20 in Shore Gallery. If you are even a little curious come to the interest meeting!