TOMORROW: Freshmen Graphic Design Gathering & Lunch

See you all tomorrow in Shore Gallery at 11:20!

No Department Chapel till October

Study Abroad Meetings

(All Meetings are at 11:20 in Shore)

Summer Trips: Leipzing (Maymester) – Sept 9th & Sept 17th
Spring Break Trips – Sept 24th
Study Abroad Scholarships – Oct 1st.
Semester Trips – October 15th

Senior Show Meeting – Sept 15th @11:20

We need you at this meeting seniors!

Voter Registration

The Student Government Association would like you to be aware of voter registration opportunities on campus. Please take literally a minute to watch this one-minute video

this one-minute video to inform the student body of voting registration opportunities on campus.

We want to make sure that all students know about this opportunity and use it as a platform to exercise their vote on Election Day.