It’s the last full week of classes and we made it to the target date! You guys have been AMAZING!

Freshman/First year A&D students – please meet in the courtyard between the office and the gallery on Thursday at 11:20 for a 10 minute super important gathering.
Next Monday & Tuesday:

Students, please check your syllabi carefully and make sure you know what is due on Monday and Tuesday, please don’t assume because it is the start of the Thanksgiving week that your classes won’t meet or you won’t have important deadlines, critiques etc.

Holiday Building Access:
All A&D students enrolled in an art class have access to the building until Dec. 12th. If you are going to be in Abilene after 12/12 and need building access to work on things please email me with your name and banner number.
If I think of anything you need to know before we leave I will message later on in the week. Otherwise, finish strong all the way till finals, enjoy the break, take care of yourselves (rest, hydrate, enjoy time with loved ones, breathe, meditate, and be proud that you made it through a nutty year and very odd semester).