A&D Departmental Chapel

Join us for the A+D chapel series Juxtaposition. This Thursday at 11 am one of our very own A+D students will be presenting at chapel – please come and support her. Chapel is held in the Art History room (DM 141). All A+D majors are encouraged to attend, all ACU students are welcome to attend.

First Year Students One-on-One’s

I’m still needing 20 first year students to make their 1-on-1 appointment. This is a requirement of all first-year students. Be sure to schedule your appointment for this week or next to remain in good standing with the department. Click on the blue “You Can Book Me” link YouCanBookMe and it will take you to my calendar to choose a time that works with both of our schedules. Thank you to those who have already scheduled an appointment.

Art Event Credits

Don’t forget to complete your 6 art event credits for this semester. Here’s a link to info about this requirement from our blog: https://blogs.acu.edu/artanddesign/art-event-credits/. You should have already received a link to this document yesterday. We’ve created a list of all the art event credit opportunities that are available to you between now and the end of the semester. Check out this link for those opportunities: Art Events. This document has also been shared with you directly through Google docs.

Safety Reminders

Using hazardous materials without safety precautions makes everyone sick. Please remember to use all materials and equipment safely and with appropriate safety gear as applicable.

A&D Bible Study

Art & Design Bible Study will meet this Sunday. Watch your email for further details.

A&D Friendsgiving

All A+D staff and students are invited to our first ever Potluck Friendsgiving on Wednesday, November 17 @ 3pm in the student lounge and Art History room (DM 141). We will be showing a classic Thanksgiving film and enjoy each other’s yummy treats. We hope you will join us! Students and staff are encouraged to bring your favorite snack or Thanksgiving dish to share. Food can be brought earlier in the day to store in the fridge until the time of the event. We will provide plates, napkins, eating utensils, and cups. Please bring your own serving utensils if possible.

Study Abroad Interest Survey

Complete the following questionnaire ASAP if you have not taken a study abroad trip (or if you have completed a trip and would like to participate in additional trips). Seniors graduating in December 2021 or May 2022 do not need to complete this survey if you are exempt from completing the study abroad requirement. The study abroad scholarship committee will be meeting this week to determine award amounts for the Spring 2022 New York trip.

**Study Abroad questionnaire: https://forms.gle/YDwvZMdkEowhDtEBA

We have informational meetings about scholarships every semester so be looking for emails if you are interested in attending. You may also direct questions to the A&D office. The following is the application Process:

  1. Complete the ACU general scholarship application at: acu.academicworks.com
  2. Complete the A&D Study Abroad Scholarship Application at: forms.gle/nSpDjctQowTuuKRE9

Deadline for Applications: November 8th. Late applications may be considered the following year. After the application deadline, a small committee of faculty will review the applications and schedule one-on-one meetings with a selected number of applicants. By mid-November, applicants should receive notice of final scholarship decisions.

Ethnos Culture Show

The International Students Association’s BIGGEST culture show of the year is on November 20, 2021. Tickets are on sale now. Several Art + Design students are in the show this year and would love your support in attending. Don’t delay – buy your tickets today! Use the QR code on the flyer to purchase your tickets.

Snackin’ in the Lounge

We’re currently out of snacks in the student lounge. We hope to be replenishing the supply in the near future.

Printing Room

Please be sure that you are using the large format printer only for A+D projects and only if your print job can not be done on another printer in the building. A new printer has been added to the print room for all of your more traditional printing needs. The smaller printer in room 207 that keeps jamming has also been replaced. With the addition of these 2 printers, you should have better options for printing. Please send me an email or shoot me a text anytime you are having trouble with a printer so that we can keep everything in working order for you.

Mask Reminder

Most Art+Design classes still have a mask requirement. Unless your professor instructs you otherwise, please assume that this is still the case. A number of spaces, such as the Art Office also have a mask requirement. Please pay attention to signage and if you are unsure, ask your professor.


Lockers are available on the 2nd and 3rd floor for all students enrolled in art classes. If you would like a locker for storage of your supplies and projects, please come by the A+D office or send an email to kara.taylor@acu.edu to reserve one in your name. All unclaimed lockers will be emptied periodically throughout the year.

Blog and Student Handbook

…an answer to all of your A+D questions – a very important resource for all art majors. Click this link to go directly to the blog: acuartanddesign.com. Be sure to check out the Student Handbook under the Resources section of the blog. The link to the blog is also included in my signature in all emails that I send out. I will go over this blog in detail with all first year A+D students during our one-on-one appointments in September. (You’ll hear more about the one-on-one’s in a few weeks.)

Last but not Least…

We are here to support you in school and life. If you need anything at all, please, please, please talk to me or another A+D faculty member. We want you to be successful not only in your course work but in life as well. My office hours are typically 8am – 3:30pm – feel free to stop by anytime. If there’s anything we can help you with, please let us know!! Seriously!!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I can be reached at kara.taylor@acu.edu or 325-674-2085 (or 325-514-0635 for any time I’m not in the office).