Painting in Germany


Congratulations to the students traveling to Leipzig on the Painting Residency in May.  We will be excited to see the work you all produce. What a great experience.

A&D Chapel

Thursday: A&D Department Chapel

Join us in 141 on Thursday at 11 to hear Alex Holley, senior Graphic Design major, share on our topic Bread & Wine – conversations in community. Count two chapels per semester for art event credits

Apartment Lease Announcement

Apartment Lease to Take Over

University Park two-bedroom apartment (Apt 421)  available for Spring Semester (male or female student) $549/month.  The $200 lease transfer fee will be paid by current lease holder. New occupant can move in beginning December 15 with no rent due until January 2019.  Lease terminates in May. If interested please contact either of the following by phone or email:
Joy Walker:              or 832-495-9959

Kimberly Walker       or 832-465-6194