It’s been a big day for our friends across the pond. Word on facebook is that several of our ACU students studying abroad in Oxford made their way to London to join the other 80,000 in watching the royal nuptials. (We’re sure the trip was scheduled for after they finished their homework, of course.)

See any ACU purple in there? (photo from

This summer, COBA will host two different study abroad programs in Europe. In June, a group of students will travel to Oxford, outside of London, for a month of coursework and consulting with OxFam, International. This will mark our 12th summer in a row to take a group of business students to study and consult in Oxford. Students will take classes in International Business, Management and Organizational Business, and Operations Management.

And in July, a second group of business students will travel to Liepzig, for the first part of the month, and wrap up their time in Oxford. Classes will include: International Marketing, European Strategic Marketing, and Issues in Global Information Technology. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work on projects for KaDeWe (a high end German department store), BMW and Harrod’s.

For more information on our study abroad programs, click here. Now, take a break from wedding coverage and watch a few episodes of our time in Oxford from the summer of 2009.

COBA in Oxford