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After an unforgettable experience in Moree, the group was eager to head to the big city of Sydney! After a long day of travel (8 hours on a bus and another hour on a plane to be exact), the weary group met Dr. Shepherd at the Adina Hotel in the heart of the city. With its tall buildings, beautiful beaches, quaint local coffee shops and cafes, and other unique attractions, students were ready to explore everything Sydney had to offer. Students met for one last class to discuss and debrief their experiences over the past week in Moree.

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For the next couple of days, students spent their time exploring the grand city. Some local “must see places” included Patty’s Market, the famous Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Darling Harbor, the Sydney Bridge, and the world famous Sydney Opera House. Some of the students joined  Dr. Vardiman and his wife, Jackie, and took a dinner cruise around the Sydney Harbor one night. Many students went to see the showing of “The Magic Flute” at the Sydney Opera House. One day, the group went on a hike deep into the Blue Mountains, seeing a variety of forest life and high waterfalls. They also visited the Featherdale Wildlife Park, a zoo with Australian animals, including koala bears, kangaroos, and several different bird species. On the last day of the trip, a group of students went to the Hillsong Church in Sydney. Hillsong is a praise and worship band known throughout the world. Students were able to attend the worship service and meet some of the band members.


“Hillsong is one of my absolute favorite bands! Going to this church was the perfect way to end our trip. I will never forget the memories and friendships that I made in Australia! Traveling abroad is definitely one of the highlights of my college career,” says Angela Conway, a junior math major minoring in business.

On January 12, it was time to say goodbye to the Aussies and travel back to America. Brisbane, Moree, and Sydney had been completely different, each offering unique Australian experiences in a new cultural context. Students came back to Abilene with a greater understanding of global entrepreneurship and how business operations function in a different country. Working with the native Aboriginal children in Moree allowed students to apply concepts learned in class to see the impact of technology and education in impoverished areas.

So long sunny skies, sandy beaches, and Aussie accents. It’s time to head back to Abilene! G’day-until we meet again!


The group says goodbye to Australia as they head to the Sydney airport.