Highland Bible Class

The adult Bible classes at Highland began again on January 17. The video is found here.  The reflection questions for John 12 are:

Discussion Questions

  1. How is Mary a model for your discipleship? (John 12:1-8)
  2. How has the church in the past AND how do we now reflect on the story of the triumphal entry? (John 12:12-19) Is it a day of celebration that warrants a parade?
  3. Throughout the Old Testament, the word “glory” is tightly connected to God’s Divine Presence. Use a concordance and look closely at the references to glory in Exodus, Ezekiel, and Haggai for examples. How is John using the word glory and glorify?
  4. While John is the Gospel of Belief, why is there an emphasis on folks who do not believe in John 12?
  5. What is John’s understanding of Jesus’ death for the church today? Or asked in another way, how is Jesus’ death connected to the life of the community? (John 12:20-36)