ACU Undergraduate Researchers have been busy this summer working on a variety of projects. Over 50 students from at least 12 departments have participated in research this summer. Seventeen students participated in research through the McNair Scholars program. Other students and faculty were supported by Pursuit Research Grants and Office of Undergraduate Research Summer Stipend Grants. Researchers worked in Abilene, but also stretched across the country from Physics researchers in New York to Biology researchers in California.

In early July, we had a lunch to celebrate the research happening around campus.  Check out the Summer Research Lunch.

Check Out Photos from Various Research Groups

 Here are some of the things we know about (let us know what we are missing):

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: Student Darryll Morely and  Dr. Michael Nicodemus have been studying wildlife on Dyess Air Force Base.

Biblical Studies: Several students, including John Kern, Darren Hughes, Joshua Brandon and Gloria Paul have been working with faculty on several research projects.

Biology: Approximately 10 students have worked with 3 faculty in research labs at ACU. In addition, Dr. Tom Lee, Dr. Josh Brokaw and Dr. Qiang Xu took students to do on-site research in Michigan, California and around Texas.

Chemistry and Biochemistry: Eleven students and 5 faculty participated in on-going research projects at ACU.

Communication and Sociology:  Dylan Brugman and Amanda Rigby worked with Drs. Suzie Macaluso and Lynette Sharp-Penya in examining gender-role attitudes in religious affiliations.

Education: Dr. Andrew Huddleston and student Tara Lowe were studying administrators’ and teachers’ responses to high stakes testing.

Management Sciences: Levi Ritchie and Dr. Ryan Jessup were studying the effect of too much choice.

Nursing: Matthew Molina and Dr. Anita Broxson studied parent attitudes towards immunizations.

Engineering and Physics: Students and faculty worked on research projects at ACU, Brookhaven National Laboratories in New York, and the FermiLab near Chicago.

Psychology: Caitlyn Spain and  Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker studied the effect of gendered toys.

Social Work: Karli Southward and Kylee Craggett worked with Dr. Stephen Baldridge studying the role of technology in higher education.