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To live a good life is a beautiful life. Beauty is in the beholder. As a christian I would urge people to live their life chasing God and immersing themselves into his life manual, The Holy Bible, however I also unfortunately believe that would not be optimum for some peoples restless souls while they are here on earth. I truly am convinced that living the good life is about preparing yourself for eternity and to fight the good fight of good vs evil which ultimately God vs evil (Satan). So merely being in Gods army is “good enough” for me.

With that said I don’t think thats how I would start someone off on their road to living “good”. i would merely just try to explain to someone how vital it is for an individual to find out their optimum balance between fun and satisfying.

Happiness stems from two things: fun and satisfying. Fun things lead to instant pleasure and contemptment in ones life. Satisfaction leads to deeper pleasure and is much more focused on the future. Though satisfying doesn’t always come with doing things that are natural, self gratifying, easy, and enjoyable. It can often times require hard sacrifice that calls a person to get outside of ones comfort zone and opens up insecurities and past wounds. Once those tasks are done, with certain goals in mind, a person is then able to look back on the accomplishments and feel a sense of enjoyment with their time of existence in this confusing world.

So, how much fun should someone have? How much satisfaction through action, whether difficult or easy, should someone pursue? that all depends on the individual. Someone has to have enough emotional intelligence to recognize what will allow them to sustain a life that will allow them to enjoy themselves and others around them while still feeling and believing that what they are doing is amounting to something. A lot of it includes that constant battle between loving and being loved, but it is not merely just that. That is a different discussion for a different day. I am not at liberty to answer for all people. I have not formulated an equation for the masses that can be put on paper and hung on a refrigerator that will permit someone to use everyday when they ask themselves “should I have fun or should i look for satisfaction”. Life and love isn’t like weight watchers where someone can count points all day everyday and as long as they meet their criteria at the end of the day they can feel good.

Do I want people to have fun? Yes! Do I want people to learn how to enjoy the struggle of bettering themselves and others around them? Yes! Do I believe that both fun and satisfaction can be accomplished in the same actions? Yes! It all just depends on the individual. It depends on their natural tendencies and their surroundings. For some it is easier to have fun and still find ways to improve their own lives and the lives of the people around them. Others are not so lucky. Their resources are different, limited, and their passions can be meet but only by enduring more conflict to accomplish optimum resolutions.

Its gray matter. Through 20/20 vision of hindsight we can see black and white. People need to embrace their desires and balance them with their creeds. People need to embrace vision and formulate goals, long terms and short term, to logistically go about meeting their vision, in hopes of one day looking their goal in the eye, and finally saying “hello, how are you? Ive been waiting, through action, to meet you”.


– Illuminati

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  1. Lincoln Woods
    5:21 pm, 01.20.13

    The points made in this post were very insightful to me. One point in particular that I agree with is that living “the good life” shouldn’t be scored like Weight Watchers. “The good life” isn’t a game with points to earn and a specific criteria to meet. Rather, it is more vague than that and is defined by the individual. Bobby and I agree that only way to attain a truly satisfying life is to follow Christ. However, there are numerous ways to find happiness in this life without God. It just so happens that satisfaction and happiness don’t necessarily mean the same thing. In the same way that “what is permissible is not always beneficial”, “what is fun is not always satisfying.” With that being said there are many ways to live a satisfying life that is also fun. Ultimately, “the good life” varies from person to person, but the presence of achieving happiness and finding satisfaction in life is constant.

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