Blog #1 – The Good Life

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When people ask the question what is the “good life”, one must first understand that there is not any clear coat answer to this question. The way that someone answers this question is totally dependent on that in which they place value and what they deem to be good. Because of this, it is almost inevitable that this will be answered differently, to some degree, by every person that responds.

As for me, I would describe the “good life” as a life where I am able to find joy in all that I do. In my job, in my relationships with other people,  in my personal life, and in my faith. If I am able to find joy in these areas of my life in which I place high value, then I am indeed living, by my terms, the “good life”. Happiness is the key to a satisfying and fulfilling life, and if you can achieve happiness, however it is that you define that,  then that’s how you live the “good life”. I think that is a complex question with a rather simple answer. However, this is simply my opinion on the matter.


  1. Avia Gray
    3:12 pm, 01.20.13

    Hi Josh,

    I agree, it is a really simple answer to a complex question, but I think it is an accurate answer. Different people will have different opinions to what “good” is, but no one will probablt say that being upset or sad is part of the good life. Happiness and joy are a key component to whatever your good life may be and I’m glad that, that was the main idea of your post.


  2. Stephanie Heron
    4:19 pm, 01.20.13


    I agree that happiness is the simple answer to the “good life” question because happiness is a subjective term. What constitutes as happiness for one individual will most likely not mean happiness for their neighbor. Looking around the community we live in, there are various examples of people attempting to reach a state of happiness in their live. Regardless of academic, social, religious, athletic or romantic happiness, individuals are continuously striving to be happy in all areas of their life deemed important to them.


  3. Justin Dugger
    4:55 pm, 01.20.13

    Josh I agree with you, and I wrote about how the definition oF THE GOOD LIFE is not a for sure answer. The good life I feel comes from within and doesn’t depend on outside circumstances. It is what each person feels within and can express through the way they live there live. Good post

  4. Raymond Lowe
    5:19 pm, 01.20.13


    I agree, what someone values will ultimately define and shape their view on what “The Good Life” is. Finding joy in everything, can seem a daunting task, but if you come to a place in your life where that is achievable, then yes, that really would be a “good life”. Happiness is crucial, I agree, but it is what we find happiness in that I believe is the most important aspect of “The Good Life”.

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