Blog One: The Good Life

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I consider the “good life” to consist of two major ingredients before all else. First, a good life is defined by the interpersonal relationships and memories that are left behind after one’s passing. That is to say, the friends and relationships you make and the good deeds you do, remembered by those that survive you, add value to your life. Conversely, ones life would be almost meaningless if one did not ever form any sort of bond with other persons, if one never fell in love and was loved, or never laughed so hard with a friend that ones sides hurt for days. These are necessary elements to what i consider to be “the good life”. Element two is basically to have a goal. The second ingredient to a good life is to be able to do something that you are passionate about, to be devoted to something. Whether it is religion or science, being able to devote oneself to a goal adds meaning to your life, and working in a profession that you enjoy and are passionate about will make it much less boring (over the years you will grow to hate your career unless there is a part of it that you are truly passionate about) and will give you motivation to succeed. These two things, relationships and a goal or passion, make up what i think to be a “good life”.


  1. Jonathan Anglin
    5:15 pm, 01.21.13

    Nice post Tyler. I just wanted to agree especially with your point about finding a job, or something within your job, to be really passionate about. I think we can find good jobs that pay well and end up settling for that so often, leaving a gaping hole in our lives. So I think it’s very important to find one that we are really happy with and find joy in.

  2. Katie Clouse
    5:21 pm, 01.21.13

    I agree with your point that what makes a good life is the relationships you form throughout your life, especially with friends and family. Your other point that another part of what makes a good life is to have a goal/ something to be passionate about was very interesting and I think that is very important to a person’s happiness.

  3. Laura Jane Hood
    10:05 pm, 01.21.13


    My grandfather has said many, many incredibly valuable things to me in my life. I find and believe him to be the wisest person I have or will ever meet. He has more life experience than I can ever imagine having. I hear his voice in my head as I prepare to make major life choices, and it is his approval I seek above any other earthly figure. All of that being said, and you now knowing how much weight is behind this statement, I will now tell you that he would completely agree with you. He tells me all the time to keep doing what I love. He tells me without relent to pick a career that I love, because I have to get out of bed and go to that same job every day for forty years. He also gives me that same advice about marriage. To marry someone who I truly love and like and admire, because I have to get out of bed and do life with and love them for forty plus years. It is some of the greatest advice I’ve ever gotten and you have stated it again here. And in reality I think what both of these things boil down to are passion. Having a passion for your husband/wife, your children, your home, your friends, you career, your church, the bean plants in the back yard. Having a passion about life, all of life.

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