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The greek culture has influenced the modern world more then any other culture in the past. Our philosophy, way of thought, school systems, and relative way of life comes from the greeks. In america the biggest thing we seem to focus on is the philosophy of the greeks and we are interested in there way of life. This is found in extraneously in our movie and television selection. We see movies that take place in ancient greece like 300 and we have movies that reflect the ideas of ancient greece like the matrix. These are to very obvious examples but the list of movies that take place in this part of the world and at this ancient time is extensive. The reason why so many are made is because there are so many people out there that are intrigued by this. The different stories of these movies appeal to different aspects of our psychy. We love the story of the warrior thats fights for his country and for love. 3 movies this takes place in are immortals, 300, and troy. This transitions to modern day films with the same premise. # include Dear John, Act of Valor, and Safe house. All of these movies have other components to there plots but the underlying premise is the same. The interesting thing about this is since the story has lasted so long it is safe to say it will continue to thrive in our future.


  1. Raymond Lowe
    10:07 pm, 01.31.13

    I agree with your opening, we do derive a lot of our current thoughts from those already established by the Greeks. I would say, however, that we only focus on the Greeks philosophy and way of life in school, but outside of that those ideas are seldom as frequent in our every day lives. Those movies are enjoyable because of the epic grandeur and the struggle to accomplish something seemingly impossible. I agree that we do value movies of that nature, and that these types of films will continue to be popular in the future.

  2. Mengyuan Tang
    11:57 pm, 02.01.13

    I agree with you that the Greek culture influenced our lives in many ways. One is through movies. I am thinking of movies that come from Greek myth, such as The Odyssey, Helen of Troy, Jason and the Argonauts. Although most of the stories are fictional, we may learn about ancient Greekā€™s strength and wisdom. The myths also reflect the idea of freedom and individualism that have a profound influence on contemporary thinking.

  3. Tyler Lotz
    12:28 am, 02.02.13

    I think that you are very right in that greek culture is very influential in modern times. However i think hollywood has corrupted the themes of the greek stories and myths. We like the “badass” like neo or leonidas who can do incredible things, but we often pass over the themes of family, honor, brotherhood, perseverance, etc that are in many ways more important to these historic tales.

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