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Do I believe in evolution? Yes. Do I like to eat cake? yes. However do I eat cakes in their entirety? No, I eat it one slice per serving, and one bite at a time. Same thing with adopting the thoughts of evolutionary theories into my own beliefs. I haven’t excepted all that evolution has to offer me, but I have started indulging into it a little bit at a time. I used to think evolution was not acceptable if you claim to be a Christian, but slowly but surely I realized that there are theories that keep the integrities of both outlooks in tact. Much like cake, I choose not to eat too much at a time. I have slowly adapted different theories to my beliefs after chewing on them, but making sure to take in too much at a time.  A lot of that probably comes with furthering education. Although people become more aware of the possibilities of the evolutionary facts, people still have a choice to believe in God. For some evolution pulls people away from God and the idea of creation, but as for me, it concretes my belief in Him more.

I used to think God created everything. He spoke it into existence. And the world didn’t progressed, it only has regressed. All because the sunday school told me thats what the Bible says. I still believe that God spoke things into creation, but not into their final product like Genesis says. I think Genesis was written in a form of poetry, and I don’t read poetry in a literal sense. So with that I believe that God created molecules and predestined exactly how they were going to ignite and progress into what they make up today on a biochemical level. The fact that He created something that had to be so perfect to turn into something so grand in marvelous. God created molecules and knew everything that we are coming to know about genetic expression and what not, and gave those molecules, millenniums ago, their origin so that they would accelerate on the path that would give way to David McAnulty and other people in our class. The creation of capacity and potential of each form of life is what is impressive to me, and its that power and knowledge of His that draws me closer to Him.

Are my thoughts incomplete and bias and a product of my environment? Heck yes! They are evolving. Its a process. its great to talk about, and try to figure it out. And like evolutionary psychologist trying to figure it out Im going to do so a little at a time. Note that my beliefs are based at the rate and credibility of their findings. So hopefully I live long enough to figure it all out with their help.

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