Psychoanalytical Theory

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I know this video might be a little cheesy and a little over dramatic but after watching this video I realized how easily our childhood or past experiences affect our future. Time and time again, we discover things about ourselves through issues that we go through and we sit back and wonder, “Why am I like that?” There are little things that I do every day out of habit because of what I was taught when I was younger. I will never leave a light on in the house if I am not in the room or not at home because when I was younger, I would get grounded for leaving lights and tv’s on if I was not in the room. We experience things throughout our lives that stick with us forever. Just like in the video, the girl is “scared” to eat because she was yelled at for eating her freshman year of high school. Now I realize this video is very much made up and a little dramatic but when you do something, whether it be right or wrong, and you are yelled at or forced against it for so long, you develop a strategy to not do it anymore. It is something that always sticks with you. You become accustom to it. The theory of psychoanalyses is that an individual experiences the development of unconscious impulses and then overcomes the conflicts. Freud’s psychoanalytical theory was was broken down into the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Freud believed that the unconscious mind influenced our behavior and experiences, even if we weren’t aware of it. So while I still turn off everything light in the house with a conscious effort, the unconscious thoughts that influence that behavior is my past experiences with my dad wanting me to turn the light off. Same thing goes for the guy that was getting shoved in the locked. While it was a conscious effort to take his books with him and avoid the lockers, the unconscious thoughts were the bully that has made him scared of the lockers. As for the girl who wouldn’t eat, not eating was the conscious effort and the unconscious thoughts were the teacher who would yell at her. Our past experiences that create unconscious thoughts in our mind influence our behavior and experiences for the rest of our life whether we realize it or not. I just really find this topic interesting because while we have been talking about it lately, I have paid a lot more attention of the little things that I do that are provoked by my unconscious thought.

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  1. Madison Hudson
    12:54 pm, 04.11.13

    I enjoyed your post and the somewhat dramatic video. It gets the point across like your stated. I think this part of psychoanalysis can be used to the extreme but I would have to say that I believe a lot of our actions and thought patterns that we engage in today are a result of something in our past. For example, I will not eat cheesecake to this day because I once get extremely sick from it in high school. That was like at least four years ago, but because of my past experience with it my mind believes I will get sick again so it doesn’t even sound appetizing to me anymore.

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