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Blog Post #6

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Third Force Psychology reflects the humanistic theory that very familiar with Rogers’ way of thinking. The humanistic way of thinking is that humans are able to overcome their issues and problems by utilizing three things: unconditioned positive response, empathy, and genuine love. Although this doesn’t seem very psychoanalytic, this way works and it works well. I happen to familiarize myself very well with the humanistic way of doing things and thoroughly enjoy providing unconditioned positive response, empathy, and genuine love to others as well as receiving it. Ironically enough, the movie that I chose to do my paper over is What About Bob. In What About Bob, the humanistic theory is applied in a way that Bob is seeking therapy from Dr. Marvin but ultimately it is not Dr. Marvin who helps Bob, it is Dr. Marvin’s family. Dr. Marvin’s family helps Bob in a way that shows kindness, love, and acceptance. Through the acceptance that Bob receives from the family, it allows Bob to take risk that he was once afraid of but now faces boldly. I believe this is the epitome of how we as humans respond. When we feel as though we are accepted and genuinely loved by someone, it allows vulnerability in a way that gives us confidence to do things (with the risk of failure) because we are accepted. The unconditioned positive response that we receive is what allows us to do things we once may not have done. For example, Bob had a phobia of the water but when Anna, Dr. Marvin’s daughter, asked Bob to go sailing, he responded that he had never been but if she wanted him to do then he would do. Bob agrees to go sailing because Anna provided love and acceptance that would still be present regardless of whether Bob wanted to go or not. When we as humans experience this kind of thing, that is when greatness arises from us all. We then are not scared to take risk and become who are on the inside, rather than being who we are that hides behind the fear of failure or letting someone else down.


Psychoanalytical Theory

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I know this video might be a little cheesy and a little over dramatic but after watching this video I realized how easily our childhood or past experiences affect our future. Time and time again, we discover things about ourselves through issues that we go through and we sit back and wonder, “Why am I like that?” There are little things that I do every day out of habit because of what I was taught when I was younger. I will never leave a light on in the house if I am not in the room or not at home because when I was younger, I would get grounded for leaving lights and tv’s on if I was not in the room. We experience things throughout our lives that stick with us forever. Just like in the video, the girl is “scared” to eat because she was yelled at for eating her freshman year of high school. Now I realize this video is very much made up and a little dramatic but when you do something, whether it be right or wrong, and you are yelled at or forced against it for so long, you develop a strategy to not do it anymore. It is something that always sticks with you. You become accustom to it. The theory of psychoanalyses is that an individual experiences the development of unconscious impulses and then overcomes the conflicts. Freud’s psychoanalytical theory was was broken down into the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Freud believed that the unconscious mind influenced our behavior and experiences, even if we weren’t aware of it. So while I still turn off everything light in the house with a conscious effort, the unconscious thoughts that influence that behavior is my past experiences with my dad wanting me to turn the light off. Same thing goes for the guy that was getting shoved in the locked. While it was a conscious effort to take his books with him and avoid the lockers, the unconscious thoughts were the bully that has made him scared of the lockers. As for the girl who wouldn’t eat, not eating was the conscious effort and the unconscious thoughts were the teacher who would yell at her. Our past experiences that create unconscious thoughts in our mind influence our behavior and experiences for the rest of our life whether we realize it or not. I just really find this topic interesting because while we have been talking about it lately, I have paid a lot more attention of the little things that I do that are provoked by my unconscious thought.


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This video is the perfect example of how classical and operant conditioning is managed in our daily lives. We often don’t realize how much we do and get rewarded because of it and how little we do if we are not getting rewarded for it. It’s funny to me how behaviorism is understood by so many now days. If an individual understands the concept of behaviorism then more likely than not, that individual will get what they want. It is easy to use classical conditioning as such to get what you want. The stimuli, response, consequence process is what allows us to act the way we do just as the girlfriend does in this video. Sheldon is trying to get the girlfriend to realize that when she is quiet (like he wants her to be), she will be rewarded with chocolate. I believe that we all naturally are treated this way and treat others this way as well. I don’t necessarily believe that we should constantly have to be rewarded in order to do something that others want us to do, but it is a system that works and it works well. Although it seems great to get whatever you want by having an understanding of behaviorism and using it to your advantage, it can be misused for negativity. I believe there is a fine line between the right and wrong way of this type of behaviorism understanding.

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There is a show on TLC that is about virgins getting married and the first kiss between the couple being on their wedding day. This is a show that has been made fun of quite often and I too have found myself laughing at it as well. But what’s funny about it? What exactly is funny about a couple saving themselves for marriage and taking it to the next step and saving their first kiss between themselves for their wedding day? Nothing. It is all pure innocence. We find ourselves laughing and making fun of the people who choose to save themselves, or choose to not act in a scandalous way. Morally, they are correct. These types of people carry a dying trait among many of us today. They choose to do the right thing and conduct themselves in a way that is justified and right.


I feel as though now days that it is socially accept to have sex before marriage, show PDA, and act out in sexual ways such as dancing. We are in a world that that is okay and i believe that that is one of many evolutionary changes. Girl view themselves as less than attractive if they are not dressed a certain way, wearing make up, etc. This is wrong and part of what makes a girl beautiful and attractive is the naturalness that comes from within and without. The evolution has changed drastically and I don’t feel as individuals we have the right to make fun of someone who chooses to save themselves from a life like the average American. Sex has become one of the major icons for the citizens today and even influences young children. I believe that the change in evolution has had positive effects on the world today but I do believe that this evolutionary change has negatively influences individuals. It states in 1 Peter 3 that your beauty should not come from outward adornment but should come from who you are within. Society has lost sight of that and feels the pressure that we put on them every day to become more than our inward beauty. To save ourselves from marriage or to dress in a way that is not revealing is not something to make fun of but rather something to admire. We lost sight of this trait that we should have and I feel as though people should open their hearts to a new view on the “average citizen.” This is something that has evolved over years and years but I believe that little change in this every day can make all the difference in the world.

Blog #2- Greek Culture

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In our daily life, we basically live the same life as the Greeks did back then only in a more modern way. The Greek culture was extremely intelligent, full of logic, questions, and answers. The Greek culture surpassed all expectations in all that they did. Because of the Greeks and all that they uncovered throughout their year, it is now why we, Americans, believe and act the way that we do. All religion, freedom, rights, success, determination, work ethic, and sensibility comes from the Greeks and what they offered on the table starting from their time and even now. They have influenced us to mimic their ways and act out on our own ambition.


Greek culture is used in a number of movies that citizens watch for entertainment. For example, Hercules is a Disney movie that many children grow up watching. Many of the boys that watch this movie enjoy the thought of a strong, muscular man holding the world on his shoulders. Many girls enjoy the thought have there being a man out that that is strong and willing to take over the role of being a leader in the world. For decades, Hercules has created an image of a hero that has influenced individuals to strive to become. Everyone wants to be that Hercules hero that saves the day and the origin of that hero comes from the Greek culture.

Also, the Greek culture has impacted art and pop culture. The Bangles, an all-girl band in the 80’s, wrote a song titled Venus. The Greek god, Venus, influenced this song.


Greek culture affects us daily without even realizing it. The impact that the Greek culture has on contemporary thinking cannot be understated. Through art, politics, democracy, philosophy, and even Christianity, the Greeks have surfaced through our culture. I believe that Americans would have greatly suffered intellectually and philosophically if it weren’t for the Greek culture and their influence on the human knowledge we have adapted over the years. By gaining knowledge of the Greek theories, behaviors, and methods, Americans have utilized their resources in order to make a more beneficial life. The Greek culture is absolutely luminous and to not employ such incredible tactics from their culture would just be a disgrace. It is imperative that we apply the Greek knowledge because it is conducted in a very radiant manner. The Greek culture has and will continue to influence our culture every single day.

Blog One: The Good Life

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Perceptions of the “good life” vary throughout the day, throughout time, and throughout people. The good life could be a number of things. I believe people interpret the good life as having possession of what they feel is necessary in their personal life and that all their desires are fulfilled. People are naturally very selfish and the products that conduct a good life for individuals is all based off selfish desires and happiness. To get what you want in a world like we live in today is portrayed to be very easy. However, you do not get what you want. You get want you earn.


This is what I believe to be the good life. The good life is having the desire, passion, and dedication to strive for success and exceed all expectations one has for themselves and for others. The good life does not consist of materialistic things. It consists of a life that is fill with faith in The Lord. I feel as though people presume the good life as getting what they want but I believe that in actuality, you should want what The Lord wants for you. With a mindset of having the desires that God wants for you, whatever you receive will be what you want.


God did not create us as humans to be perfect. He created us with no mistakes with the aspiration to just be ourselves. Originality is irreplaceable. We are called to be disciples and to spread the kingdom. We are called to have faith in The Lord and His works and to constantly be Christ-like in the world we live in. There are struggles, hard times, and imperfection daily. It seems as though things don’t always turn out the way you had once hoped. Those hopes change every day because the world changes every day. We change every day.


Ultimately the good life is the afterlife. The good life is life with the Almighty in His kingdom kneeling at His throne. What makes that the good life is all the faith and work that you put in your earthly life to be able to sit at His throne. The will to have afterlife is worthless if you do not have the will to achieve the steps to get there. Your earthly life is filled with milestones that only faith and belief in The Lord will get you through. It is the afterlife that is the good life. After all, it is filled with joy and perfection.

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  1. When originally discussing Third Force Psychology and applying the humanistic theory, I would have never of thought of Abraham Lincoln but after reading your post and hearing your perspective, you are right. There is no better person that is as fitting as him. He did what a lot of us are too much of cowards to do, and that is to know whats right and STICK to whats right. He believed that slavery was not right and he stuck to that belief regardless of the slack that he got from the rest of the citizens. Although many were against him, he conducted himself in a manner that is forever memorable. Always conducting himself in a way that was honest to himself. I really enjoyed this view and it allowed me to be able to put a “face to it,” if you will. Thanks!

  2. Lyndi Smith on Third Force Psychology
    6:18 pm, 04.23.13

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said about free will strips you from you individuality. Often times, we misinterpret our free will for just the thought of fitting in with the real world. The things that we surround ourselves with daily whether it be sports, friends, family, school, work, etc. it influences us and the decisions we make constantly. Once you are sucked into this life, which you will be, it is extremely hard to escape it like you said. Also, when you said that we can only try to know our own stories, it really hit me at home. I go days at a time in routine and don’t look past the routine that i experience daily. However, one day i may notice something and wonder “when did that happen?” and someone say “it’s been like that.” You know we often get so caught up in just what we know and we don’t really learn anything new because it’s almost as if we can’t handle it. Because we are still just trying to understand our own life. Much less anyone else’s.

  3. Lyndi Smith on Psychoanalytic Theory
    9:03 pm, 04.11.13

    The psychoanalytical theory is very complex, as you stated. I completely agree with you about how you can apply it to whatever you please. There is always an underlying meaning behind why things happen and why people do what they do. It’s actually very entertaining and interesting. I loved how you related your moving to Texas and your denial, identification with the aggressor, persona, and displacement all in your moving to Texas. It kind of put this in a term that was relatable to us. It amazing to me the things that have gone on in my life and still go on as we speak that relate to these perspectives that I have failed to notice until now. Thanks for this!!

  4. This was one of the best blogs I’ve read. I never would have imagined Mean Girls to be in relation to Jung’s perspective but it definitely it. Especially how Cady’s “shadow” comes to the surface when trying to get back at Regina. It’s crazy to me that we go to these extents to be accepted or to get revenge on someone. The reason we do this is because of the “awful” things others have done but in actuality we are no better because of what do back to them. Our “shadow” becomes who we are, just like Cady. You are exactly right though about limiting our ability to connect with others. We long for the connection with people, yet we are the ones that set the limitations. Great blog and really connected well with it!

  5. Lyndi Smith on Blog #4 Behaviorism
    9:28 pm, 04.02.13

    I thought this video was so perfect when shown in class and watching it again on this post. This example of conditioning is definitely in a more modern way and easy to relate to. There has been countless times that I have seen situations along the lines of this and instead of thinking “that’s classical conditioning,” it just doesn’t even phase me because its so in the norm in society and how people do things. So it was interesting to see such a concept used in a way that allowed me to understand it better and apply the term to my life and be more aware of the act of conditioning in my every day life. Good video and great relevance to pranks!

  6. Lyndi Smith on Behaviorism
    9:20 pm, 04.02.13

    I completely agree that behaviorism is misused and misinterpreted. I also agree with that if applied in the right manner, it can train or condition individuals to do things they never would have considered before. I know for me that sometimes i need that little push or “reward” as such to motivate me or drive me to do things that are out of my comfort zone. But again, if misused then it could in fact affect my behavior potentially in a negative way. It is most definitely important to keep educating people on a such a topic like this so that they are aware of the positive AND negative influences of the messages, rewards, and punishments that come from society.

  7. Lyndi Smith on Evolutionary Psychology
    9:44 am, 03.06.13

    I think its interesting how you related facial expression to the fall of evolution. These facial expressions are universal but any other type of expression that does not fall into this universal category is cultural to us. The same for them. I completely and totally agree with you when you say that there is too much planned out in the universe for there not to be a divine hand behind it all. The way our life is planned out and the way that all trials and experiences link together for the better of ourselves is not just a coincidence. It’s God. There is no other way for me to believe how language, the world, people, love, work, etc. was created by just some scientific way. It is all just too perfectly made and too wonderfully planned to not be created by the Lord himself. I loved this post and enjoyed reading it and applying it to my own perspective!

  8. Lyndi Smith on The Science Of Sex Appeal
    9:39 am, 03.06.13

    This experiment is very interesting and so true. It was interesting what you said about people being with their significant other not because of love but because of money, fame, etc. If the motives behind both parties are the same then you’re right, it does seem to be a genuine fit. But its a wrong fit. Just like you said, we assume that when an attractive guy is with an unattractive girl, we assume that her personality makes up for her unattractiveness. But who are we to make that assumption? Its sad that we are so quick to think that way instead of thinking that maybe he finds her attractive as well as a good personality. We just seem to fall into the way society thinks, after all we are society. I just think this experiment and the connection you made with it is so true and definitely put this aspect of evolution into perspective.

  9. Lyndi Smith on Blog #2
    10:17 am, 01.31.13

    Josh, I couldn’t agree more with you when you say that the American culture has reaped the benefits of the foundation that was laid by the Greeks. The Greek culture has in fact created many roots for our culture, just as you said; involving Christianity, democracy, and philosophy. The Greeks are definitely a mainstream of entertainment for our culture today and through movies, music, stories, etc. they have modified the impact the Greeks have had to allow a better understanding for our living society. I think it’s also interesting that most of what we are taught throughout courses in our lives trace back to Greek culture somehow or another and I also think it’s a shame that we lost sight of where our influences came from. However, I am thankful for courses such as this one and many others that bring me back to my roots and help me realize where exactly my influences come from. Great way to put it, awesome job!

  10. Lyndi Smith on Blog #2: Greek Influence
    10:08 am, 01.31.13

    Steph, your relation between the Greek culture and our American troops going off to war is extremely interesting to me. I would have no been able to view the relationship between the two like that and I find it very interesting. You are absolutely correct when you say that the idea of defending your country and territory is the same as the defense of protecting your king that is loyally followed. America is extremely influenced by the Greek culture especially the impacts that it has had on our idea of what a man should be and what exactly defines a hero. We tend to be naive and just act on our thoughts without ever really discovering where these views came from. It’s a shame that the Greek culture has gotten pushed behind all the modern views but it’s nice to be able to reflect on information throughout courses we take and realize what has impacted our views.