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Psychoanalysis is a huge part of modern psychological thinking. In fact, whenever I mention to someone that i am studying psychology, the first thing they think of is me sitting next to a person laying in a chair, asking them about their childhood and stuff. To the popular media (aka movies tv shows, anywhere u see a “psychologist”) this psychoanalysis style psychology is to many average people the only form of psychology that exists. We are always looking for deeper meaning behind almost every form of expression. Just look at  This article is about the relationship between movies and media and freudian psychology. We are just about always exploring into the forces behind everything. This sort of thinking has shown to be extremely popular in all sections of society and the media for a long time and will continue to be for a long time to come.


  1. Ana Rodriguez
    11:43 am, 04.12.13

    I agree with you Tyler. To further your thought, I think that people have a desire to understand where their actions come from and why people think the way they do. There are plenty of people that don’t worry about that, of course, but people always want to know what other people are thinking. Take the movie What Women Want, Mel Gibson is struck by lightening and suddenly able to understand what women are thinking. He even goes to a psychoanalysis style psychologist to ask for help.

  2. Jonathan Anglin
    8:41 pm, 04.12.13

    I totally agree with what you mentioned about the popular view of psychology so often being centered around psychoanalysis. I liked what you said about psychoanalysis and the media (my blog was about this as well) so it’s nice to see more opinion on this subject. Nice post!

  3. Bobby Brown
    11:09 pm, 04.12.13

    yes people seem to be much more concerned with the “why” rather than how to get better results. Apparently psychoanalysis is just more satisfying because people want to stop digging once they find the answer, and not necessarily apply it. What if we didnt have psychoanalysis? Did Freud just really give us this huge distraction?

  4. Carter Wells
    11:23 pm, 04.12.13

    It’s definitely true that psychoanalysis has become the most recognizable form of psychology and easily the greatest form of “pop psychology”. Even without actual representations of psychoanalysis in movies and TV, the jargon of psychoanalytic thought has permeated through. We often hear things like terms such as repressed feelings, anger displacement, and projection to describe the why behind actions and behaviors. I’m not entirely sure people truly grasp the depth and pertinence of these concepts, but they have become a part of our language and understanding of behavior, whether you are psychology student or not.

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