Blog 6: Third Force Psychology

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There are many things I appreciate about the Third Force Psychology movement including the idea that humans are free to choose their own type of existence (Third Force Psychology does not assume determinism when explaining human behavior). From a Christian lens, I believe that God has given us free will with a choice to either live under the Law he gave to Moses and the Israelites or to live under the law of Christ. In Romans 9, Paul says that we are given this choice through God’s mercy. The message throughout Romans is that we are justified by grace through our faith in Jesus Christ and that it is open for anyone to accept. The key to this is that if we accept all of this as truth, in God’s eyes we are deemed “not guilty” of our sins because of Jesus’ redemptive action. The way I see it, this lines up with the idea in Third Force Psychology that humans may choose their own path regardless of what science says or determines.

Another idea from Third Force Psychology that resonates with me is Carl Rogers’ view that experience is the highest authority. My housemates and I periodically watch a show on MTV called “Guy Code” (apologies for bad video quality) and have had many laughs while watching it. This tv show is an example of how the media shapes society by presenting an authority backed up by experience. The show is pretty ridiculous and at times offensive; it covers every topic that necessitates a code for guys to follow. The premise is that all of the people interviewed for the show have gained their knowledge through their own experiences. Although I do not necessarily agree with the tactfulness, much of what is said is true to some degree and I believe that is what attracts people to watch the show.


  1. Justin Dugger
    2:41 pm, 04.24.13

    Emily, I agree with you on pretty much everything you said. I appreciate all the scripture you used in your response. I think it is very fascinating that you identified guy code with this theory. I also think its interesting you and your friends watch guy code. Your logic in connecting that show with this theory is sound and original. It is something I never would have thought about and think is halirius. I think the argument breaks down when using that show as an example because I would guess there stories are not 100% true.

  2. Paige Wilson
    4:17 pm, 04.24.13

    I really like the connection you made with Guy Code. I feel that now, more than ever, society is attempting to become more open and accepting of all individuals, no matter how different they may be. When attempting to place greater emphasis on accepting the individual, I feel that we begin to focus more and more on experience. We are almost obsessed with it. We want to experience God, life, and love – whatever that may mean. And we want to hear about the experiences of others in order to learn something or maybe even just to get a good laugh. This may help account for the rise in popularity of shows like Guy Code and Real Housewives, as well as the popularity of blogs.

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