Earl Young addresses ACU students.

Earl Young

COBA was proud to host the legendary world class Olympic Gold medalist Earl Young. Mr. Young spoke to COBA students at a COBA Career Connect session on October 9. Earl’s list of accomplishments and accolades is quite remarkable on the track field and in the business field. Earl was brought to ACU by track coach Oliver Jackson from the orange trees of the San Fernando Valley in California. At the age of 19, he was a member of the 1960 United States Olympic Track and Field Team, winning a Gold Medal in the 1600 meter relay while also setting a new World and Olympic record. He is an All-American in Track and Field and participated on numerous international teams establishing four World records and four American records. Earl Young attended ACU and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Business along with History and Religion and graduate studies in Business Management.

Earl also shines in the field of business. Mr. Young has served in the role of Advisor, Corporate Officer and Director of companies in the United States and abroad. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and Investment Banking firms in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, and London. He has also worked with the World Bank and U.S. senators and congressmen. One of the organizations he has worked with is the Madagascar World Voice, a philanthropic organization partnering with World Christian Broadcasting to broadcast news, education, and entertainment with the fundamental message of hope and freedom to over 2 billion listeners throughout the world. Earl’s connections in Madagascar started the process of a scholarship funded by the World Bank for ACU students who are from the Republic of Madagascar.

Mr. Young’s resume also includes work with the Diamond Fields International Ltd., Earl Young and Associates, Renaissance Capital Group, AMI Investment Corporation, and Chafin and Young. Mr. Young is a member of the Abilene Christian University Council and a Director of the American Studies Institute Advisory Board of Harding University.

Earl Young - US Sprinter June 19, 1961 X 7554 credit:  Art Shay - assign

Earl is truly the definition of an exceptional performer in all aspects of life. Earl told students how he used to doubt all of the talk about God’s direct provision and intervention in people’s lives. Looking back on his life, he now sees how God was the sole reason for all of his opportunities and achievements. His gold medal in the 1960 Olympics has opened many doors for him throughout his life time. Earl encouraged students to think about their own gold medal and what achievements and blessings in their lives they have that will open the numerous doors for them. ACU and COBA are proud to recognize Mr. Young as an ambassador for God through his actions and achievements throughout the world. Earl currently lives in Dallas and continues to exemplify the faith-based truth that with God, all things are possible.


“Once the door of opportunity has been opened for you, you have to have value to offer before the door closes. Embrace every opportunity or that door will close too quickly.”

Earl Young addresses students

Earl Young addresses students at COBA’s Career Connect

“The workforce is looking for hard working Christians with integrity. With all of the high pressures in business, honesty is such a valuable characteristic for businesses today.”