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This Fall Break, a group of 23 students along with professors Dr. Jonathan Stewart, Dr. Joyce Haley, COBA Executive in Residence David Swearingen, and ACU Chief Marketing Officer Jason Groves headed north to the single most competitive work environment in the country-New York City. While in New York, the group was able to visit Wall Street and meet with executives from companies like Johnson & Johnson, Magnet Media, Dentsu American, CNN and the NBA. Brandon Baker, a ’98 ACU graduate, hosted the group as they toured the New York Stock Exchange. Brandon now serves as the organization’s vice president of information technology. Seeing ACU alumni like Brandon succeed in such a competitive business environment shows how competitive ACU students are against graduates from larger elite schools, such as Harvard and Yale. ACU students are able to infuse faith into their work, offering a set of ethics and values to the marketplace. Swearingen states, “If there’s anything business needs more of, it is Christians who bring their ethics and values into the marketplace. That’s what ACU students and grads do.”

“Being in NYC was so empowering! There are opportunities everywhere you look. We have discussed businesses in a classroom setting, but actually meeting business CEOs and leaders gave us a whole new perspective of how companies operate,” states Gentry McMath, junior accounting major.

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Amanda Clary, Shannon Ball, Sarah Hailey, Whitney Stevens, Jaci Isham, Gentry McMath, Natalie Goin, Allie Rostron, Savannah Smith, Amy Sloan and Meghan Eager on the NYC fall break trip.