Codicology & Paleography

Ancient Writing Materials

University of Michigan educational resources, focusing on papyrology


Digital analysis of ancient Syriac handwriting

Fitzwilliam Museum

The making of medieval manuscripts

History and Technology of Parchment Making

Detailed description of parchment manufacture techniques and terminology

History of Books

Graphic design approach to the materials and techniques of early book production

Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts

Describing the process used to study the ancient manuscripts upon which the New Testament is based


Rich resources for medieval manuscript studies hosted by Georgetown University

Medieval Writing

Introduction to medieval manuscripts through paleography

Skriptorium. Mittelalterliche Buchkunst

German site on medieval book production Digital Manuscripts

Comprehensive, interactive list of Syriac manuscripts that have been digitized and are freely available online

vHMML School

Introducing learners to the sciences of paleography and codicology

Virtual Manuscript Room

Digitized manuscripts and an evolving framework for bringing together digital resources related to manuscript materials