Restoration Day 2020

Abilene Christian University and its Center for Restoration Studies will host Restoration Day 2020 on September 7 to mark the anniversary of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address and highlight the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement’s historic emphasis on unity in the Body of Christ.

This year’s Restoration Day activities will be held virtually and will center upon one of the most important figures in the movement’s history, Alexander Campbell. Dr. Douglas A. Foster, professor emeritus of church history at ACU and one of the foremost scholars of the Restoration Movement, recently completed the first ever critical biography of Alexander Campbell entitled A Life of Alexander Campbell. Dr. Foster will share his wisdom via a recorded lecture on the topic of Campbell’s life and ministry, and as an added bonus, Dr. Foster will speak from behind Thomas Campbell’s pulpit from Ireland, currently housed at ACU’s Center for Restoration Studies.

Watch the video here:

Restoration Day 2020: Alexander Campbell and Believer’s Immersion by Dr. Douglas A. Foster from ACU Library on Vimeo.


Wes Crawford, PhD

Assistant Professor of Church History
Director, Center for Restoration Studies
Abilene Christian University