ACU Special Collections and Archives preserves those materials that, because of subject coverage, rarity, source, condition, or form, are best handled separately from the main circulating collection.

In order to preserve these materials and to ensure they are available for future generations, they are shelved in closed stacks and are not available for casual browsing and the materials do not circulate.  However, we are eager that they are used and access to the materials is provided by a knowledgeable staff using ALCON , the online bibliographical catalog, DigitalCommons@ACU, the Institutional Repository sponsored by the ACU Library and departmental databases and finding aids.

Because the balance of encouraging use of the materials while protecting them for future users can at times be delicate, certain definite limitations must be employed.

Location: We are located on the lower level of the Brown Library. We are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

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What does Special Collections collect? is a brief guide for donors and patrons.  We actively seeks materials from, by and about the Restoration Movement from its earliest days to the present.  We hold books, periodicals, ephemera, photographs, audio and video recordings, archival materials and artifacts.  To discuss donations, contact Mac Ice at mac.ice@acu.edu

Collection Development Policy: Our Collection Development Policy describes in full form the nature and scope of our collections and the conditions for their acquisition, use, care, and preservation.