The Church Library: An Outline of Procedure

The Church Library: An Outline of Procedure

Dr. Callie Faye Milliken, ACU Library Director (1953-1977) wrote the first The Church Library: An Outline of Procedure. Her second revised edition was published in 1986. Because of the many changes in library procedures and methods since that time, this revision to update the material was deemed necessary.

As before, this manual in organizing collections in church libraries is applicable to any small library. Procedures have been streamlined so that one unacquainted with library technical processes can follow directions and organize library resources in an accessible way.

A list of standard Bible reference books has been included for the purpose of assisting in classification and in assigning subject headings.

A library collection should fit the mission for which it is created. The number of books it holds does not determine its worth. A well-selected library of 25 books could very well be an excellent library for its purpose.

Third Revised Edition

By Erma Jean Loveland
Special Collections Librarian (1987-2003)
Brown Library
Abilene Christian University
Abilene, Texas
August 2000