Restoration Day 2021

A Night of Worship, Celebration, and Deeper Conversation

Join the ACU Community as it celebrates Restoration Day on September 7 at the Chapel on the Hill from 6-8 p.m.

Since music has played such an important role in our shared heritage, and the year 2021 marks the centennial anniversary of an enormously important hymnal, Great Songs of the Church, this year’s Restoration Day will focus on the place of music within the history of Churches of Christ.

In addition to singing together some beloved hymns, we have invited an insightful panel of worship leaders within Churches of Christ, including Robin Brannon, D.J. Bulls, and Sheryl Thomas. They will offer their reflections on the role of music in our shared faith. As an added bonus, Mac Ice, ACU’s Director of Special Collections, is preparing a special exhibit featuring various editions of this historic hymnal.

This year’s third annual Restoration Day is hosted by the Center for Restoration Studies (CRS) at ACU. Part of CRS’s mission is help Christians remember key events and personalities from our shared past that have brought us to the present. Restoration Day’s date of September 7 has been selected because it marks the anniversary of Thomas Campbell’s publication of The Declaration and Address, a foundational document that helped give birth to our branch of Christianity.

Please RSVP to Jenny Kelly in the Graduate School of Theology office ( if you plan to attend this event or if you would like to receive a link to watch this event via Zoom. We look forward to seeing you on September 7 as we worship together, celebrate our heritage, and consider the ways in which music continues to shape our identity.