FilmFest 2015 – Reach


Abilene Christian University’s FilmFest is a student film festival designed to give those interested in film production and the motion picture and entertainment industries and creative outlet at ACU and inroads into the industry through alumni and industry professionals that serve as judges for the event.

The FilmFest gala in 2015 was hosted on March 20th at the Paramount Theatre. The theme was “Reach” and 10 student groups submitted final films.

FilmFest Promo 2


“Actually Love”



“Loose Ends”

“The Messy Life of Alexander Lawrence”

“Nerf Wars 3”

“Paper Plates”

“St. Daniel”

“Tales of a Dream Team”



Best Picture – “Epic”

Best Director – Tim Holt, “Epic”
Best Producer – Laura Harris, “Actually Love”
Best Writer – Julia Curtis, “Actually Love”
Best Editor – “Actually Love”
Best Cinematography – Palmer Richardson, “The Messy Life of Alexander Lawrence”
Best Production Designer – “Loose Ends”
Best Sound Designer – Garrett Lane, “The Messy Life of Alexander Lawrence”
Best Original Music – “Paper Plates”

Best Actor – Caleb Pierce, “Epic”
Best Actress – Mikayla Tipps, “Actually Love”