FilmFest 2016 – Brave

FF Poster Abilene Christian University’s FilmFest is a student film festival designed to give those interested in film production and the motion picture and entertainment industries and creative outlet at ACU and inroads into the industry through alumni and industry professionals that serve as judges for the event. The FilmFest gala in 2016 was hosted on April 1st at the Paramount Theatre. The theme was “Brave” and 8 student groups submitted final films.


Best Picture – “Ultra Super Secret Spy”
People’s Choice – “Ultra Super Secret Spy”

Best Director – David Porter, “Welcome Back”
Best Producer – Brittney Johnson, “Gone” 
Best Writer – Erika Thrasher, “Man of the Year”
Best Editor – Daniel Wolf, “The Last Passenger”
Best Cinematography – David Porter, “Welcome Back”
Best Production Designer – Courtney LeFan & Courtney Rhodes, “Welcome Back”
Best Sound Designer – Ian Crombie, “The Last Passenger”
Best Visual Effects – Daniel Wolf, “Beyond the Light”
Best Music – Courtney LeFan & Courtney Rhodes, “Welcome Back”

Best Actor – Josh Alexander, “Ultra Super Secret Spy”
Best Actress – Savannah Ochran, “Welcome Back”


“Beyond the Light”
“The Last Passenger”
“Letter Man”
“Man of the Year”
“Moving On”
“Ultra Super Secret Spy”
“Welcome Back”

Best Picture Winners

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