Timeless – FilmFest 2010

The FilmFest premiere in 2010 was hosted on April 11 at the Paramount Theatre. The theme was “Timeless” and 16 student groups submitted final films.



Best Picture – “Roulette Italiana”
People’s Choice – “Kids from the Underground”
Best Dramatic Film – “Roulette Italiana”
Best Experimental – “Kids from the Underground”
Best Documentary – “Texas USA”
Best Comedy – “Hobo Cop”

Best Director – Jacob Kitts, “The Card Game”
Best Producer – Travis Zahodnik, “Roulette Italiana”
Best Writer – Travis Zahodnik and Jordan Fox, “Roulette Italiana”
Best Production Designer – Travis Zahodnik, “Roulette Italiana”
Best Sound Designer – Travis Zahodnik, “Roulette Italiana”
Best Technical Director – Jacob Kitts, “The Card Game”

Best Actor – Jason Sedillo, “Roulette Italiana”
Best Actress – Kat Bailey, “Anachronism” and Jennifer Gorenflo, “I Love You Too”
Best Original Music – Alex Howard, “Your Face”


“The Athlete”
“The Card Game”
“I Love You Too”
“Kids from the Underground”
“A Lonely Journey”
“Roulette Italiana”
“Something Old”
“Taking Time”
“Texas USA”


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