Focus – FilmFest 2020

The FilmFest gala in 2020 streamed online on April 23rd for the first time. The theme was “Focus” and 6 student groups submitted final films.


Best Picture – On a Different Page”
People’s Choice – Burnt & Buried”

Best Director – Rankin Dean & Hannah Sanza, “On a Different Page”
Best Producer – Rozyo Castro Becerra & Katie Pantoja, “Dandelions In the Sky”
Best Writer – Katie Pantoja & Cate Dunne, “Dandelions In the Sky”
Best Editor – Brody Jasso, “Take a Chance”
Best Cinematography – Braden Garner, “On a Different Page”
Best Production Designer – Brody Jasso & Braden Garner, “Take a Chance”
Best Sound Design – Brody Jasso, “Burnt & Buried”
Best Original Music – Jacob Lundy, “Drama Queen”
Best Visual Effects – Brody Jasso, “Burnt & Buried”

Best Actor – Wade Austin, “On a Different Page”
Best Actress – Cheney Emberg, “On a Different Page”


“Burnt & Buried”
“Dandelions In the Sky”
“Drama Queen”
“On a Different Page”
“Take a Chance”
“Turtles All the Way Down”


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