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Abilene Christian University

Anonymous – FilmFest 2009

The FilmFest premiere in 2009 was hosted on March 20th at the Paramount Theatre. The theme was “Anonymous” and 12 student groups submitted final films.


Best Picture – “The Hunger”
People’s Choice – “Dead End”
Best Drama – “The Hunger”
Best Action – “Fantasy Fight”
Best Independent – “Your Destiny”

Best Director – Cody Veteto, “The Hunger”
Best Producer – Travis Zahodnik, “Rootless Tree”
Best Writer – Blake Penfield, “The Hunger”
Best Production Designer – Travis Zahodnik, “Rootless Tree”
Best Sound Designer – Jacob Kitts, “Fantasy Fight”
Best Technical Director – Brian Escochea, “The Hunger”

Best Actor – Joshua Jones, “North South”
Best Actress – Breanna Wilkins, “The Hunger”
Best Original Music – Adrian Chew, “Arrourus”


“Dead End”
“Fantasy Fight”
“The Hunger”
“North South”
“The Remote Controlled Man”
“Rootless Tree”
“Stamford Stampede”
“Welcome to the World We Live In”
“Your Destiny”


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