ACU FilmFest

Student Film Competition  Since 2004
Abilene Christian University

Production Teams

Each FilmFest short film is the product of students in a variety of creative and technical roles. Here are the main roles you’ll need to fill to make your film, along with some great training courses to support each role.

For the student filmmaker, LinkedIn Learning is an incredible resource to advance your skills with pro-level training from experts, all before you ever set foot on a film set. And as an ACU student, you have free, anytime access.

Writes the script for the film, mapping out its plot, developing its characters and shaping a memorable story.


Develops a vision for turning script into a film, brings the contributions of the crew together, and the only person who interacts with actors on set.


Oversees the entire project, supports the vision of the script and the director, and makes sure everything is on time and running smoothly.


Works with the director to capture the moving pictures, manages lighting and operates camera on set.


Plans and records every sound of the film from dialogue to score to foley effects, and works with director and editor on the final sound mix of the film.


Combines video footage, recorded sound and music to create the finished film.


Designs and coordinates any sets, props and wardrobe to create the physical world in which the film takes place.