ACU FilmFest

Student Film Competition  Since 2004
Abilene Christian University

Shift – FilmFest 2014

The FilmFest premiere in 2014 was hosted on March 21st at the Paramount Theatre. The theme was “Shift” and 14 student groups submitted final films.


Best Picture – “For Always”

Best Director – Kyle Knapp, “It’s Locked”
Best Producer – Stephen Estrada, “Nerf Wars 2”
Best Writer – Kyle Knapp, “It’s Locked”
Best Production Designer – Eric Pitney, “For Always”
Best Technical Director – Denzil Lim, “Id Infinity”

Best Actor – Will McInerney, “Dreamer”
Best Actress – Rachel Faulkner, “For Always”

Best 24-Hour Film – “Working Title”


“For Always”
“A Hero’s Journey”
“Id Infinity”
“It’s Locked”
“Just A Glimpse”
“Key of L”
“Nerf Wars 2: Another Mockumentary”
“The Story of Midnight”
“That Action Movie”
“Wedded Wicket Residents”


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