Collaboration Spaces

We provide collaborative spaces to help groups at any stage in their project.

Our rooms and spaces feature both high- and low-tech tools to help your group develop and hone your collective vision. From screen-sharing tables to wall-mounted LCDs with networked computers, the Learning Studio works hard to eliminate many of the traditional obstacles to group collaboration.

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Before You Arrive

Read our Group Room Policies before reserving a room for the first time.

Editing a Media Project?

Skip the collaboration rooms and head straight to our Media Lab, home to powerful iMacs, pro software and media assistants on duty seven days a week.


Collaboration Rooms

Computers and screen-sharing monitors support various team needs.

Idea Rooms

The perfect blend of analog and digital to help get your project started.

Studio Rooms

Acoustically treated, with studio mics and video recording capabilities.

Collaboration 1 (2–6 people)

The first collaboration room features a dual-screen Media:scape table for sharing content from laptops or iPads, along with a whiteboard wall for outlining ideas quickly. Adapter cables for the Media:scape table are available at the Information Desk.

Collaboration 2 (4–8 people)

Located centrally, the second Collaboration Room is large and features a wall-mounted LCD, along with a Mac Mini with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and an extended whiteboard wall for outlining ideas.

Collaboration 3 (2–6 people)

The third collaboration room mirrors Collaboration 1, with a Media:scape table for sharing content from laptops and iPads quickly.

Idea 1–4 (2–4 people)

Each Idea Room features a Mac Mini, wall-mounted LCD with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and two whiteboard walls.

Studio 1 (1–4 people)

Studio 1 features an iMac, dual studio microphones for recording audio interviews, and the One Button Studio. The room is equipped with acoustic sound dampening to reduce ambient noise in recordings.

Studio 2 (1–4 people)

Studio 2 features acoustic sound dampening along with an iMac computer. USB studio mics are available for checkout at the Information Desk.

Steelcase logo

The Learning Studio features Steelcase Media:scape tables for public and private collaboration.

Group Room Policies

Reserve a room online or at the Info Desk before sitting down.

Batteries and dry erase markers are available at the front desk.


Please clean up tables and whiteboards before you leave.


If you are more than 15 minutes late, your reservation is canceled.
Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of two hours.
Rooms may be reserved as early as one week in advance.