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Introducing Audition

Audition offers a wide range of possibilities for the advanced user and beginner alike. In the following videos, John Mark Lapham helps newcomers kick the tires by creating a simple piece of audio from typical types of sound clips that represent a typical audio project.


John Mark Lapham

Media Production Specialist, Learning Studio

System Requirements

Before you begin, make sure your computer can run Audition.


Working with Sound Clips

In this first lesson, we’ll be taking a look at audio waveforms and learning basic editing tools like cutting, fading and setting levels to prepare for your digital project.

Download the tutorial project files to follow along during Tutorials 1 and 2.



Building a First Mix

In the second lesson, we’ll build our digital project using the sounds we prepared in the first lesson. Lastly, we’ll export our final audio mix that you can then add to a video project or share as a podcast.

Lost at Sea

Thanks to Dan McGregor in Art & Design for letting us build this skills challenge around his digital story “Lost at Sea.” His original illustrations work with the carefully chosen music and sound effects to set the tone for his memory of an afternoon painting with students.

Here’s the original so you can see how all the pieces fit together.

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