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All Adobe CC programs are available free to ACU students, faculty and staff.


Introducing Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro offers a wide range of possibilities for the advanced user and beginner alike. In the following videos, Mathew Bardwell helps newcomers kick the tires by creating a simple video with basic techniques that will come in handy in any video project.


Mathew Bardwell

Media Production Specialist, Learning Studio

System Requirements

Before you begin, make sure your computer can run Premiere Pro.


Building Your First Cut

In this lesson, you’ll learn to edit footage, add supporting clips (or B-roll), and export your rough cut for review.

Download the tutorial project files to follow along during Tutorials 1 and 2.



Working With Sound

In the second lesson, you’ll learn how to view audio waveforms and edit the audio portions of your project. You’ll also add music and a lower-third graphic to identify your interview subject. And finally, you’ll export your final video file to share with the world.

Skills Challenge

Using the project files found below, practice the skills you just learned. Edit portions of the included interview footage together to form a cohesive short segment. Then, add some supporting B-roll footage over the interview to add visual interest. Finally, try adding a music bed underneath the interview, and a lower third to identify the speaker.

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