Digital Storytelling

Focused media training to help you tell your story.


A New Literacy

Media training and support in the Learning Studio is grounded in a commitment to storytelling. We see learning to edit audio or video as developing a new type of digital literacy, allowing students and faculty to share the messages that matter to them with a global audience.

Telling Stories through Media

Digital storytelling blends text, image and sound into powerful multimedia stories with a richness that surpasses the more traditional ways we communicate.

Power of Text – all storytelling begins with strong writing that shares your own message through a carefully organized, original script.

Power of Image – digital stories are built on carefully chosen images that add context and impact to your message.

Power of Sound – stories deserve to be heard, and media messages blend music and background sound to highlight your unique voice.


Software Tutorials

Get started quickly with these training modules from the Learning Studio, featuring some of the most popular storytelling software used around the ACU campus.

Digital Storytelling

with Adobe Rush

Digital Storytelling

with Camtasia

Digital Storytelling

with Premiere Pro

Storytelling on the Blog

Video Storytelling for ACU’s Presession

Video Storytelling for ACU’s Presession

For this year’s Faculty Presession, the Learning Studio was tasked with spotlighting the Summer Shakespeare program in the Department of Theatre, and the Next Lab project in the Department of Engineering & Physics.

Film Studies Projects

This semester Al Haley and Kyle Dickson taught Introduction to Film for the first time and students were asked to produce a major project that demonstrated their mastery of core concepts of the course. Learning Studio staff spent several class days introducing...

Coffeehouse Projects

For several years students in Dr. Kyle Dickson's Eighteenth-Century British Literature have produced research projects as a way to share key texts from the Enlightenment with a broader audience. It's easy to complete academic research for an audience of one--the...

Storytelling with Students in Oxford

Enjoyed working with Dr. Jeff Childers and Jacque Morrison and students in the Oxford Study Abroad program to shape digital stories that reflect on their international experiences this semester. Students were asked to produce projects that reflected on how...

Why I Teach storytelling projects

Enjoyed working with a great group of faculty producing digital stories that share their teaching philosophies. Thanks to Cheryl Bacon for proposing the prompt and working with Al Haley and Kyle Dickson in the Learning Studio to lead a great workshop. Thanks to the...

Holocaust Memorials with Dr. Laura Carroll

This spring we were honored to work with Dr. Laura Carroll, associate professor of English, as our Faculty Media Fellow. Dr. Carroll spent the fall semester in Oxford, England, as part of her second semester with the ACU Study Abroad program. While there, she also had...

Storytelling with Study Abroad

Again this spring we worked with students at ACU's campus in Leipzig, Germany, as well as with on-site faculty Derek and Rachel Brown to take digital storytelling overseas. Students spent two days in workshops developing scripts, recording audio, and editing stories...

Honors Short Film projects

Last fall we had a chance to work with a number of students from the Honors College taking HON 401: Short Film Production. Wanted to make sure we took the opportunity to share the remarkable work, produced in teams within a short 5-week semester. They tackled...

Storytelling in Leipzig

This spring the Learning Studio worked with Dr. Houston Heflin as part of our first digital storytelling project overseas. We worked with Houston and his students before they left the States to begin thinking about media projects they would complete mid-way through...