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Digital Storytelling: Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is an advanced video editor that can also be used for basic digital storytelling. Though most video software can combine images, audio and video for a basic video project, Premiere Pro is a robust media production tool that can support more complex projects in the future.

The following resources introduce not only software considerations but the basics of audio recording and image editing, whether you’re producing your first digital story or needing a quick review.

Project Files

Click here to download the project files used in this tutorial.


Mathew Bardwell

Media Production Specialist, Learning Studio


Next Steps with Premiere Pro

Now that you’re comfortable with basic editing, here are a few tips for working with audio and images.

Recording Audio in Premiere Pro

One key part of your digital story is a carefully recorded narration. Here is a short introduction to recording audio directly into your Premiere project.

Adding Movement to Images in Premiere Pro

Adding movement to your images makes your storytelling more dynamic. Take your project to the next level using the steps in this video.


Working with Audio

Audio is a commonly overlooked part of a video project. In this short segment, you’ll hear how clear audio can amplify your digital story.

Working with Images

Carefully chosen images can add impact to any digital story. In this segment, we’ll walk through key considerations in which pictures and video clips you choose.

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Premiere Pro: Essential Training

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Premiere Pro 2015 Update

A quick summary of new features and improvements to the new Premiere CC, including the new Morph Cut and mobile workflows with the Premiere Clip app.