Introducing Digital Storytelling

Since 2011 the Learning Studio has hosted faculty workshops introducing the basics of digital storytelling. Here are just of few of the resources from those workshops.


The Seven Steps

Joe Lambert from the Center for Digital Storytelling joined us for our first two workshops and walked faculty through the Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling, developed by the CDS.

1. Owning Your Insights 

What’s the story you want to tell? What do you think your story means?

2. Owning Your Emotions

What do you feel about your story? What does it mean to you today?

3. Finding the Moment

What was the moment when things changed? What makes this moment a story?

4. Seeing Your Story 

What images might help describe this moment? What meaning does each add?

5. Hearing Your Story  

Beyond the recorded voice, would story be enhanced with other layers of sound?

6. Assembling Your Story

What is structure of your story? How will layers of audio, visual work together?

7. Sharing Your Story 

Who is your audience and what is your purpose? Have these shifted?

For more on the Seven Steps, see Chapter 2 of the Digital Storytelling Cookbook (2010).



For more on utilizing digital storytelling in your teaching, the following links may be helpful:

Here are several starting points for help finding images, audio, and video resources for a digital story: