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Storytelling with Camtasia

Camtasia is a piece of software that can turn anything you can see on screen into a video. Yet this “screen capture” program is also a perfect tool for learning to work with media. Whether you’re a first-time video editor or are just pulling together something quickly, Camtasia is an easy way to combine images, audio and video into a professional looking project.

The following resources introduce not only software considerations but the basics of audio recording and image editing, whether you’re producing your first digital story or needing a quick review.

Project Files

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Asia Eidson

Media Specialist, Learning Studio


Camtasia Resources

If you’d like more help editing your first project, the Camtasia site offers great video tutorials and walk-throughs for beginning and advanced users.

We’ve also put together answers to some frequently asked questions. For help setting up a mic or exporting your project, check out the FAQ page.


Working with Audio

Audio is a commonly overlooked part of a video project. In this short segment, you’ll hear how clear audio can amplify your digital story.

Working with Images

Carefully chosen images can add impact to any digital story. In this segment, we’ll walk through key considerations in which pictures and video clips you choose.

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What else can Camtasia do?

Camtasia is capable of much more than just editing a digital story.

Screen Capture

Camtasia was designed to “record” the computer screen for video tutorials like this one. It offers tools like zooming and highlighting to focus the attention of your audience.

PowerPoint Videos

Screen capture is also a simple way to turn a PowerPoint into a short video. It’s as easy as recording your audio narration as you step through your slides.

Film Clips

Camtasia is also the fastest way to digitize a video clip from a DVD or website. Just find the scene you want to capture, and begin recording the video on screen.