Year In Review 2014-2015

In the past year we’ve provided introductory media training to even more academic courses and helped increase campus awareness of, which offers more than 3,500 video courses on a wide range of software and subjects. No matter their skill level, users across campus begin their projects with the Learning Studio.

Top 10 Courses at ACU in 2014-15

1. Excel Essential Training

2. Foundations of Programming

3. SPSS Statistics Essential Training

4. C Essential Training

5. Up and Running with Canvas

6. Illustrator CC Essential Training

7. Photoshop CC Essential Training

8. InDesign CC Essential Training

9. Revit Architecture Essential Training

10. Premiere Pro CC Essential Training

Last year checkouts of DSLR cameras, lenses and video tripods grew faster than at any other point in our history. As more users embrace advanced production gear, we’ve introduced new types of lighting and sound equipment to meet the growing demand of campus filmmakers and storytellers.

Equipment List

See our full list of checkout gear—available free for up to four days with just a swipe of your ACU ID.

DSLR Checkouts
DSLR checkouts increased 60 percent over the previous year
DSLR lens checkouts increased 256.7 percent over previous year

One of our priorities is helping the ACU campus create and share stories that matter. In the past year, we collaborated with faculty and colleges that share our passion for storytelling and again reached international audiences through our work. Here are just a few of the projects and partnerships we were proud to be involved with last year.

50,001 Total Views of TEDxACU Videos

Full List of Campus Partners 2014–2015

  • Provost’s Office
  • College of Arts & Sciences and TEDxACU
  • Office of General Education and Cornerstone
  • Graduate School of Theology
  • Griggs Center
  • Halbert Institute of Missions
  • Honors College
  • University Marketing
  • COBA Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Center for Building Community    
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Siburt Institute for Church Ministry
  • Office of Admissions
12 speakers, 1,068 recorded minutes, 5 cameras

Produced for Cornerstone Design Challenge with Dr. Nil Santana, director of the Maker Lab

Video tutorial supporting digital essay now taught in all freshman writing classes

Scholarly storytelling with Dr. Laura Carroll in role as faculty media fellow

Spoken-word performance by student Zach Carstens, as performed at TEDxACU 2015

Short film by Cade White and Nathan Driskell made with students in Summer Honors Academy

The Learning Studio is a hub for getting things done. But of course you know that—again last year, we saw record numbers of Learning Studio group room reservations. And whether you’re flying solo or collaborating with a group, we’ll be here to welcome you back for your next project. See you then.

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