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Psychoanalytic thinking is most prevalent, at least in my opinion, in the fact that almost everyone is aware now of subconscious tendencies to act upon desires and impulses. Before psychoanalytic thought, little thought or respect was given to ideas dealing with the subconscious, and now, in my own life and in daily encounters with others, i hear attributions towards subconscious tendencies. So much of what we know about our functioning and decisions is attributed to automated thoughts and subconscious ideas, which would never have been considered before Freud and his contemporaries.


  1. Jason Hendrix
    10:24 pm, 04.12.13

    Very true. Everyone thinks they’re a psychoanalyst these days (myself included). I definitely agree that Freud and psychoanalysis have changed the way we think about each other and ourselves. It’s kind of funny how now we’re always looking for underlying forces or ulterior motives in other people though. Thanks for the post

  2. Bobby Brown
    11:05 pm, 04.12.13

    i definitely agree with you on the fact that so many people are much more intune or at least knowledgable with the concept of the unconscious. This allows people to be excused for being different, and in some ways encouraged to be different. This is all because it is seen as healthy to be tapped into your unconscious side, and to be the best of who you are naturally inclined to be.

  3. Stephanie Heron
    12:47 pm, 04.14.13

    I agree that many of today’s actions and thoughts are attributed to subconscious tendencies. But I also believe that psychoanalytic thinking is starting to be used as a cop-out answer for individuals looking for an easy explanation to their behavior, regardless if it is viewed negatively or positively by others.

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