Thanks to the widespread use of checkout cameras in our first year, this summer we will pick up additional HD camcorders and DSLR cameras for campus checkout. But that’s only half the story. This fall returning students will have access to additional gear to support video and photo projects.

LS Unboxed: Pico Table Dolly

We’ve seen some creative approaches to camera movement in our first year, so we picked up a couple tools for those ready to move beyond the simple zoom or pan. The Pico Table Dolly introduces controlled camera movement across any level surface, whether you’re shooting a traditional camera or making an iPhone movie.

Here’s Ben Weaver from the Learning Studio with a quick look at the Pico Table Dolly:


Other Checkout Gear

In addition to the Pico Dolly, we’ve continued to add gear by request:

Lowel 3 Light Kits – This spring we put together 3-light kits for FilmFest now available for the rest of campus. The kit includes 500w and 250w halogen lights, perfect for 3-point and green screen lighting.

Collapsible Green Screen – For advanced users interested in basic green screen shots, we have 5×7 green screens that fold up like your car windshield reflector. Great in combination with the Lowel light kits.

Video and Wireless Lav Mics – Audio is at least as important as visuals in your final video, so you may want to experiment with our range of video mics and wireless lavalier mics for check-out (*remember to check the battery before shooting).


For More Information

For a complete list of all check-out equipment, check the Learning Studio blog. For all other questions about availability, come by during regular Media Lab hours or call the main info desk, 674-2341.