Thanks to our media production specialists Matt Bardwell and Nathan Driskell and the student staff for the next Unboxed short. We’ve continued to see steady growth in our Checkout Gear pool and wanted to make folks aware of some of our advanced video production options like the pop-up green screens.

If Drew inspired you to check one out, here are a couple resources that will make your first green screen project a little easier.


Vimeo Video School

The staff at Vimeo introduce the basics of lighting and editing your green screen footage that any student would be capable of replicating with minimal training. We also have copies of After Effects up in the Learning Studio if you want to work with advanced software; otherwise, green screen tools are also available in iMovie and Camtasia.

. Advanced Course

When you get the green screen bug, follow-up with an intermediate course at Members of the ACU community have access to all titles; just make sure you log into Lynda before visiting the the following course page.

  1. Log into
  2. Advanced Green Screen Techniques course