This fall we took faculty to Albany for our first Outdoor Drawing workshop as part of the 20/20 Teaching Innovation program. Dan McGregor, Art & Design, introduced the basics of contour drawing, one and two-point perspective through a series of drawing challenges faculty completed in pencil and ink. Participants were challenged to look closely and draw what they see rather than the stereotypes that are in our head. As Dan said, “Drawing is an act of love, seeing the subject as they are not as you want them to be.”

ACU 20/20: Envisioning the Future of Education is a 5-year program of Teaching Innovation Grants that “builds on the skills and insight of our excellent faculty, strategically exploring new models of teaching . . . in order to impact student learning across campus.”

The Learning Studio will continue to partner with the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning to support individual grant recipients and to offer additional faculty development workshops that spark new approaches to familiar classroom challenges. Thank you, Dan McGregor, for your patience, energy and expertise.

If you missed out this semester, email us at to get on the waitlist for future workshops.