Swing by the Learning Studio today for your chance to #MakeMerry. We’ll be helping students download Adobe Creative Cloud for a little holiday making over the break.

We’ll also have holiday snacks at the main desk (while supplies last), so you can kick off Finals Week by making yourself a treat. No experience necessary! It’s Pop-Tarts so the process is almost as easy as the One Button Studio.

With Adobe CC and the Learning Studio, making over the holiday has never been easier.


Make It with Adobe Creative Cloud

We’re half-way through our first year of Adobe CC access for all students and faculty and will be sharing some example projects this week. Don’t know where to start? Adobe provides a range of tools for beginners and professionals.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Illustrator CC – a vector-based drawing program for designing everything from logos to tshirts.  What can you do with Illustrator?

Photoshop CC – a pixel-based photo editing program for creating and designing images for print, web, and media. What can you do with Photoshop?

Premiere Pro CC – a video editing program that can produce anything from short digital stories to feature films. What can you do with Premiere Pro?

Lightroom CC – a photo editing program for organizing and editing your photo library. What can you do with Lightroom CC?

We’ll share a few of our favorite projects with each this week, so follow us on Twitter (@learningstudio) and Facebook (/aculearningstudio) to add some inspiration to your holiday.