Planning on catching up on some Netflix over the break? In 2015, streaming video and audio accounted for 70% of all internet usage in North America (Sandvine). But ACU students aren’t just binging on video; they’re also producing their own films and stories.

This holiday season, take some time to #MakeMerry. Grab your phone or a GoPro, and capture some clips of time with family, or the sights and sounds of home. Then cut them together using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Before you leave, make sure you download Adobe Premiere Pro and get comfortable with basic editing.

Quick look at Premiere Pro

Download Adobe CC software

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ways ACU students and faculty have been tapping into Adobe CC this semester.


Adobe CC Inspiration

Dear Steve short film, Alyssa Saenz (senior, Theatre)

Alyssa has written and shot, and is now editing, her first short film using Premiere Pro. “Editing is really the most important thing,” Alyssa said. This week she’s using the Macs and Adobe software available in the Learning Studio to turn her individual shots into a finished film.

Rockonomix projects, Dr. Katie Wick (faculty, Management Science)

In her first year at ACU, Dr. Wick asked students in her Macro and Micro Economics classes to introduce core concepts through parody music videos. “These classes have a reputation of being dry and difficult, so this project attempts to change that perception by helping students see that economics is everywhere.” Individual groups might combine business and computer science majors with others from English and Ad PR to produce shorts like this remix of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”